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Eagle Newspapers and Community Media Group, LLC aim to offer an online platform for readers that will facilitate a free exchange of ideas in addition to being an indispensable source of information and opinion.

Users who access the websites of Eagle Newspapers (including eaglenewsonline.com, baldwinsvillemessenger.com, cazenoviarepublican.com, eaglebulletin.com, eagle-observer.com, eaglestarreview.com, skaneatelespress.com) agree to abide by the terms and conditions below.

Additionally, to ensure the success of our goal of serving as a community resource, readers who wish to interact through or with the company’s websites and the websites of its affiliates must register as a user of the system and, in doing so, agree to abide by additional guidelines that are also outlined below.

Questions on these terms or appeals may be directed to [email protected].

General provisions

These terms constitute a legal agreement between you, the “user,” and Eagle Newspapers and Community Media Group, LLC, and covers content and usage of the above domains, hereafter referred to as “the website.”

The contents of the website are made available for personal, non-commercial and internal use only. You may access and view the content of the website on your computer or other device. You may not use the website for commercial or political purposes or in any way that is unlawful, or harms us or any other person or entity, as determined in our sole discretion.

We may change the terms and conditions from time to time, at any time without notice to you

User restrictions

  • By registering an account through any of the above website domains you acknowledge you are of the age of 13 or older.
  • Breach of any section of these terms will be grounds to remove or block offending content or deactivate a user’s account, at the discretion of the website’s staff.

User restrictions

By registering an account through any of the above website domains you acknowledge you are of the age of 13 or older.

Breach of any section of these terms will be grounds to remove or block offending content or deactivate a user’s account, at the discretion of the website’s staff.

A note on copyrights

It should be noted all content on Eagle Newspapers’ websites is the property of Community Media Group, LLC and/or its affiliates, is protected by copyright law and cannot be copied or reused without permission. Copyright law protects all content on these websites regardless of whether a user agrees to enter into these term or not.

Similarly, Eagle Newspapers will not knowingly use copyrighted content without the permission of the copyright holder. Any complaints, for editorial content or user generated content, should be submitted to [email protected].


You agree to hold harmless Eagle Newspapers, Community Media Group, LLC and its affiliates from any and all claims arising out of breach of any of these terms or conditions or any activities conducted in the use of this website.

User-generated content

The website allows for users to create their own content, which includes but is not limited to comments, blogs, event listings, pictures, profiles and private communications between users.

This functionality is intended to foster an open dialogue on items of community interest, and Eagle Newspapers reserves the right to protect the integrity of this dialogue and holds itself harmless from misuse of the website. Users agree to abide by the following provisions:

  • Eagle Newspapers monitors and moderates user-generated content. By signing up as a user of the website, you agree to refrain from posting content that is:
  • Any content deemed to be “spam” or other unsolicited advertising is prohibited and Eagle Newspapers will move to block or remove it. The company’s online events calendar is intended to be a source of useful community information, and thus commercial advertisements and the like will not be permitted.
  • By registering, you agree not to contact any other user that has asked not to be contacted, or to “stalk” any other user of the website.
  • Submitting content to the website entitles Eagle Newspapers and Community Media Group, LLC royalty-free, perpetual, irrevocable license to use, copy, modify, display, store and otherwise use such content in any media form present or future.
  • In all instances, Eagle Newspapers and Community Media Group, LLC reserves the right remove or disallow any user generated content without warning or explanation, or to restrict access to the website or portions thereof to any user.
  • Under no circumstances will Eagle Newspapers be liable for any errors, omissions, libelous or offensive material contained in any user generated content, or for any loss, liability, claim, damage or expense arising from or in connection with the use of any user generated content.

Unlawful, libelous, defamatory, harmful, pornographic, threatening, abusive, harassing or degrading; any content that you do not have a right to transmit under any law or any contractual or fiduciary relationship; any material that violates or infringes in any way upon the rights of others, including but not limited to copyright or patent infringement; or any content that disrupts the normal functioning of the website.

Fact Checking Policy:

Eagle Newspapers’ reporters have primary responsibility for reporting, writing, and fact-checking their stories.

Stories are subject to review by one or more editors.

Eagle Newspapers has a multi-level structure for the review and editing of stories that may include fact-checking. These include editors (department heads, online editors and managing editor) who collaborate with reporters on the origination of stories and typically provide initial review when a story is submitted by a reporter; copy editors who often provide initial review on breaking news stories and routinely provide second-level review on print and other less time-sensitive stories; and senior editors who have overall oversight of the digital products throughout the day as well as Eagle News’ print editions.

Editors who oversee digital platforms also may be involved in the presentation of stories as well as headlines, news alerts and newsletters.

The number of editors who review a story prior to publication and the extent of their involvement varies depending on a range of factors, including complexity, sensitivity, and the pressure of time.

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